Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Have you or a loved one been injured in an accident, or as a result of medical malpractice? Trust us to make your case.

Have your or a loved one been injured in an accident or as a result of medical malpractice? You can trust us to make a personal fight for you. We will fight to regain what you have lost, and deliver what you deserve in various types of personal injury.

Automobile Accidents

According to the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration, an automobile accident occurs every 10 seconds. In auto accident lawsuits, the case is usually against the negligent driver, which is the driver who caused the accident. Our attorneys will help process your medical bills, wage losses, and help get your case resolved as quickly as possible so you can have peace again in your or your loved ones lives.

Construction Negligence

We represent those who have been injured or killed by unsafe methods and procedures in the work environment. These type of accidents always involve questions of liability and we work to insure that your case thoroughly investigated and represented professionally. We want to help you understand your rights as it pertains to Work Site Injuries, Pedestrian Injuries, Contractor Liability, Construction Defects and overall Construction Negligence.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is a doctor’s failure to exercise the degree of care and skill that a physician or surgeon of the same medical specialty would use under similar circumstances. When medical “standards” are not followed, it is also known as “med mal”. Our lawyers know about the medical problems and medical laws that are needed to help a claim reach the courts in the fastest, accurate, and most complete way possible. We will work for your rights. While you or someone you know gets better or recovers from a medical mistake or injury, our attorneys will fight for your legal rights.

Premises Liability

Premises liability is a term used to describe the legal responsibility that a landowner and occupiers of a property have for injuries and accidents that occur on their property. Premises liability claims can be filed for a variety of reasons. For example, slip and fall claims are common. Our attorneys will help you with resolve your premises liability cases in a fast and efficient manner.

Product Liability

When individuals are harmed by an unsafe product, they may have a Cause of Action against the persons who designed, manufactured, sold, or furnished that product. Our attorneys will help you investigate whether or not a product liability case exists.

Workers’ Compensation

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws were enacted to promote the general welfare of the people of the State by providing compensation for accidental injuries or death suffered in the course of employment. Our attorneys will explain what types of injuries are covered and explain what types of benefits are available under Illinois Worker’s Compensation Laws.

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